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IT Support Services

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Every second your IT stops working, your patients’ lives are put at risk. SourceOne IT provides quick and reliable IT support for health care providers -- all day, all night. Our IT Consulting service assists you in planning and implementing competent IT systems to help minimize the chance of accidents happening in the first place.

With IT Support & Consulting from SourceOne IT, you get:

  • 24x7 IT support - we are on standby to assist you whenever an emergency alert rings

  • From Planning to implementation - our experts are with you every step of the way

  • Tailor-made solutions - to suit your special needs

HIPAA Security Risk Assessments

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As a health care provider, you are required to adhere to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which aims to safeguard medical information. To help you meet all the requirements, we offer HIPAA Security Risk Assessments that allow you to understand your vulnerabilities and better manage possible threats to medical data. At SourceOne IT, we know how much you value your patients’ rights and privacy, and we’re eager to assist you in proving that.

HIPAA Security Risk Assessments from SourceOne IT offers:

  • Complete examination - of your entire system, including your password management, access control, and vulnerability management

  • Comprehensive audit report - includes detailed vulnerabilities so you know where to fix them

  • Recommendations - includes both technical and non-technical measures

Managed Services

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What do health care providers need when it comes to IT management? From reliable connectivity and top-notch security to 24x7 technical support and HIPAA compliance, SourceOne IT understands the specific requirements of hospitals, medical centers, and individual clinics. With more than 10 years of experience as an IT managed service provider, you can trust us to be your IT partners.

With Managed Services from SourceOne IT, you get:

  • Proactive IT maintenance - we never wait until something breaks

  • Effortless software management - you don’t have to deal with this tedious task ever again

  • HIPAA compliance - ensures that you meet all regulatory requirements

  • Flat-rate subscription - makes your monthly IT cost predictable and manageable


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Remote diagnosis and patient treatments are now made possible with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP also brings you, your staff and patients closer by lowering communication costs, thus enhancing collaboration. With quality VoIP service from SourceOne IT, instant communication and telemedicine are no longer dreams that exist in science fictions, and we’re here to prove it.

With VoIP service from SourceOne IT, you can:

  • Lower communication costs - and get a higher quality internet-based call service

  • Get more features - make online conference calls, video calls, and integrate other collaboration tools

  • Make telemedicine a reality - and eliminate distance barriers between you and your patients


Server Installation

Security is one of the most critical issues in health care industry. With our top-notch security technology, SourceOne IT goes the extra mile to ensure that your systems steer clear of viruses, malware, spam, hackers, and unauthorized access from third parties.

With our Security service, we:

  • Safeguard your system - against viruses, malware, spams, and cyber attacks

  • Ensure no peepholes - our highly secured system prevents unauthorized access

  • Prioritize data privacy - we follow an established set of protocols when it comes to IT management

Cloud Services

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Cloud technology offers numerous benefits to the health care industry as never before. It allows you to store and archive medical records, conduct telemedicine, and extract useful information using Big Data. To harness all the benefits the cloud brings, all you need is a reliable cloud service provider -- and given all the years of experience we have in the health care industry, we’re confident that we are the one.

Cloud Services from SourceOne IT gives you abilities to:

  • Archive enormous amounts of data - without having to purchase hardware

  • Harness the power of Big Data - with the cloud’s powerful ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data

  • Back up your files - protect your hard work at all times